Aix Creperie

Ellie's List

Opening Hours

mon-sat 6am-5pm

p.03 9662 2667

24 Centre Place, City


Tucked away in one of Melbourne’s more handsome, graffitied lane ways, this miniscule creperie is good for two things: coffee and crepes (actually their baguettes are delicious too, particularly the almond encrusted chicken schnitzel baguette). Go early morning for a cup of coffee and a lemon and sugar crepe. Classic combo that can’t be beat.

Also great if you’re Hungover and Hungry.

Must try: the Vegemite and Swiss cheese crepe, it might sound woeful but it actually works (presuming, of course, you like the black beauty in the first place).

How much: $6-$9 for a crepe

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