Rockpool Bar & Grill


Opening Hours

lunch sun-fri 12pm-3pm; dinner mon-sun 6pm-11pm (kitchen closes at 11pm, so get your burger order in at 10.45pm.)

p.03 8648 1900

Crown Complex, Southbank

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I’m sending you here for one thing, and one thing only. Sit at the bar and order the Wagyu hamburger with bacon, gruyere cheese and zuni pickle. Do not, I repeat do not, walk into the main restaurant and accidentally order the 200g sirloin for $110. At $22, chef Neil Perry’s bar burger is astonishing value. The brilliance of this burger lies in the fact that you benefit from Rockpool’s fine diner service and kitchen finesse, without the price tag. Of course, you’ll be wanting the onion rings with house-made ketchup (served with silver tongs) and a bottle of silky red to go with this…and maybe a sneaky side serve of the addictive mac ‘n cheese. Perry’s fine food has the ability to woo you into a food frenzy – you’ll start out with wonderful intentions and collapse within seconds. You might even ditch the whole bar caper altogether and choose to sit in the restaurant instead (and let’s face it, that $110 sirloin ain’t going to eat itself). Rockpool (bar OR grill) is a win win scenario. Take your pick and tuck in!

Must try: David Blackmore’s full blood Wagyu hamburger with bacon, gruyere cheese and zuni pickle (and the rest)

How much? Burger is $22; bar menu $4-$37;  restaurant menu is lots and lots

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