Spice Market

Spice Market

Opening Hours

wed 5pm-1am; thurs-sat 5pm-2am;

p.03 9660 3777

Beaney Lane, off Russell St, City


The gloom, the fried fetta filled olives, the exotic Middle Eastern theme …..what’s not to love? This underground lair is tricky to navigate with its hidey hole booths, intimate corners and meandering floor space. This isn’t helped by the fact that the lighting, or lack of, makes you feel blind as a bat. ¬†That said, one Spice Market cocktail and you’ll be away ¬†with the fairies at which point the exotic feel of this booze den will start to work its magic. Chef Greg Malouf operates the adjacent restaurant Momo, and the same kitchen also prepares Spice Market’s snacks. Steamed roast pork buns and the jeannie bottle arancini with haloumi cheese and mushrooms will stand you in good stead for a big night on the town. Get there early and find a private nook to nuzzle into.

Must try: warm fetta stuffed olives, crumbed and fried

How much: olives $9, other snacks range from $4.5 -$16

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