Spice Temple


Opening Hours

lunch mon-sun 12pm onwards; dinner mon-sun 6pm onwards

p.03 8679 1888

Crown Complex, 8 Whiteman st, Southbank

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You can’t see a thing and you don’t really care. Neil Perry’s latest restaurant is a sultry woman of the night, mooching around in silly dim lights with outrageous temptations such as tingling prawns, strange flavour white cut chicken and fish drowned in heaven facing chillies. Give her 24 hours notice and she’ll even bone a duck and hide eight of her treasures in it for you. I kid you not. She’s a talented gal. She’s also fiery hot.

Must try: Fried salt and pepper silken tofu with spicy coriander salad (be warned, this burns)

How much? salads $16-$29; entrees $19-$29; seafood $32-$90; meat $26-$49

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