The Supper Club

Ellie's List

Opening Hours

sun-mon 8pm-4am; tues-thurs 5pm-4am; fri-sat 5pm-6am

p.03 9654 6300

161 Spring St, City


The Supper Club’s secret got out a long time ago,but she somehow manages to maintain her air of exclusivity and mystique. Traipse up the narrow flight of stairs and you will find yourself in a Narnia-esque parallel world of dark wooden panels, worn Chesterfield lounges and dapper gals and guys enjoying a respectable tipple at the end of a very long night. The grandiose arched window overlooking Parliament makes for a perfect backdrop to this inner sanctum. ┬áHours can been lost reading through the staggering wine list, a weighty tome of the world’s very best drops. Decadent supper meals include Welsh rarebit and anchovies, homemade vegetable spring rolls, chevap sausage rolls, meatballs in tomato sugo and a French cheese platter. The Supper Club holds her head high with grace and class until the wee hours of the morn’. She’s a cut above the rest, no doubt about it.

Must try: A glass of 2002 Dom Perignon Brut and some chevap sausage rolls with marty sauce

How much? Supper $8.50-$18; Joselito Jamon Iberico $40; Pate de Foie Gras $25; caviar $market price

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