The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room 01

Opening Hours

mon-sun 10am-late

p.03 8679 1800

Crown Towers, Southbank


Not your average hotel foyer bar. The Waiting Room is chef Neil Perry’s latest exercise in luxe hospitality. The jewel-like glitter of this drinking den screams glamour and romance. Find a dark nook or sit yourself up at the bar and indulge in mixologist Linden Pride’s exquisite cocktail list, which revolves around classic drinks and various interpretations from the great hotel bars of the world. The Blood Red Snapper is a revision of the classic Bloody Mary, this time made with beetroot juice, tomato juice, spice, gin and citrus. Golly gosh, it really is something! Good news for beer loving blokes too as there’s a very decent selection of draft, bottled lager and bottled ale – quite unusual for a toffee nosed cocktail bar.

Equally compelling is the bar food, again a Perry-designed masterpiece. Available from noon till 11pm, the tapas-style snacks include bocadillos (baguettes), montaditos (little open sandwiches), pinchos (skewers) and terra cotta roasts. Perfect for mid-afternoon shopping revival or post-show supper, this is a cracker of a bar. It is waiting, just for you.

Also great if you’re Hungover and Hungry.

Must try: The Blood Red Snapper; montadito with Avruga caviar and boiled egg; pink eye potatoes with garlic and smokey paprika

How much? Cocktail $17; bar food $3-$18

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